We need your help to expand World Embrace in Uganda

Be a significant part of God’s provision for bringing together leaders from all Christian denominations and tribes of Uganda for God’s call to biblical unity and a Heaven’s Rehearsal that will gather tens of thousands to lift up only the name of Jesus in worship and the declaration of God’s Word.

The unity will be based on our common Lordship of Jesus Christ and the absolute essentials for eternal salvation, loving God and loving each other.

  Ugandan Leader Participants in the As One Life Study: 

Two weeks a month at the World Embrace Unity Center in Gulu, Uganda, 12 leaders with their spouses, if they are married, plus the World Embrace leader couple will “do life together” for five days at a time while going through the As One Life Study, moving from stranger to friend and from friend to family.  Every Ugandan leader will take part in the training for 30 days over a six month period.

Every Ugandan participant will cover his or her own costs in transportation to and from the World Embrace Unity Center. They will also be bringing what they can to help with the food.  For example, a bag of rice, some fruit and maybe even a chicken.  All this, along with their time, represents a large sacrifice from them. We need your help with the costs associated with accommodation, food, training and the As One Life Study book.

The World Embrace Unity Center will also be used for preparations for a Heaven’s Rehearsal in Uganda.

Will you join with Reynold and Kathy and the W.E. team to reach your arms around Uganda and bring the healing power of the love of Jesus to a people who have suffered due to religious divisions and tribal warfare for far too long?

Support Needed:

*Autumn 2015

Here is a breakdown of some needed items for the World Embrace Unity Center.

In Order of Priority:

1 – Vehicle (Used Super Custom Van) $15,000 USD (donated— thank you!)

2 – Solar Power Electricity $17,000 USD (donated – Thank you!)

3 – Media Ministry $2,550 USD

4 – 200 Person Meeting Tent $3,000 USD

5 – 16 Outdoor Speakers (for compound worship and public address system) $2,600 USD

6 – Portable Sound System (for village ministry) $1,200 USD

7 – Small Motorcycle $2,000 USD

8 – Construction of a Grass Roofed Hut on the World Embrace Unity Center Property (for small group meetings) $1,200 USD (donated – Thank You!)

9 – Air Mile Donations— Contact us if you can help: kathy@worldembrace.org


Ministries Activities:

A – First Friday Fellowship Dinners (held every month for 150 leaders) $800 USD per month

B – Sponsorship for One Week Training/Equipping of 24 Ugandan Leaders at the World Embrace Unity Center (accommodation, 390 meals, 240 tea breaks, training, study materials ~ the goal is to hold two weeks of training per month) $3,300 USD per week or $275 USD per couple per week

C – Monthly Three Day Village Ministry Outreach $1,000 USD per month

D – Monthly Five-Day Vision Casting Tour (traveling with a six person team to different districts in Uganda and neighbouring countries) $750 USD per month


God is opening up all kinds of opportunities right now in Uganda.  Let’s join together in supporting this exciting and mighty move of God!  

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