World Embrace launched in 2007 in Toronto, Canada, at the Air Canada Centre where over 16,000 attended Heaven’s Rehearsal with 127 nations officially represented.  In 2008 at the Rogers Centre, the second Heaven’s Rehearsal was held with approximately 25,000 people in attendance and 143 nations officially represented.  A church leader from Toronto reflects on the impact of Heaven’s Rehearsal on the city and encourages support for World Embrace globally.

Hany Boghossian

Hany Boghossian shares from his heart about World Embrace and Heaven’s Rehearsal.

Hosted by CTN Founder & President Bob and Jane D'Andrea

What People are Saying…

  • What a great experience!  Surely the Lord was laughing with joy as His bride worshipped Him with one heart.

  • What I truly saw was the beauty and grace of God’s creation.  I have never attended an event as awesome as this.  It allowed me to taste a little bit of heaven on earth.  I was so impressed that only our Lord Jesus Christ was highlighted and celebrated, no special honour was given to any person.  I became so much more aware of His love and grace.

  • So many people, cultures, representation of nations and different ages coming together looking to get to heaven one day meeting our Lord!  This has to be an extremely important message to this world!

  • Speechless!  Amazed!  Blessed!  Filled!  He is worth everything and more!  As I looked out over the ocean of hands raised and voices in praise, I felt His great pleasure; the pleasure of the Father smiling down on His kids!

  • To God be the glory!  The success of Heaven’s Rehearsal will echo around the world and will sure ignite the burning desire in the hearts of God’s people to be united, to pray, sing, listen to God’s Word and praise the Living, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the only and mighty God with great conviction!  God is great!

  • It was an evening I pray we will not stop sharing with others.  WE were touched by the Father’s heart for us His people and the vastness of the Father’s love for the nations.

  • This was absolutely one of the most awesome and joyful nights of our family’s life!  There was such a sense of praise, love and connectedness with the Lord and with everyone there.

  • Heaven’s Rehearsal was absolutely amazing.  I have never experienced anything like it – people from all over the world in one place worshipping the One – Jesus Christ.  It truly was a foretaste of what heaven will be.

  • How do you describe a moment like that evening?  It makes you homesick for our real home.  It is not possible with our earthly mind to even try to imagine truly holy worship.  It was a moment in earthly time.  A most wonderful moment.

  • I was amazed at the unity that took place and what God did through Heaven’s Rehearsal in people’s hearts.  He received the gift of our worship.  I’m sure He was smiling seeing His bride just adore Him – not a singer, a dancer…but the focus only on HIM!

  • Heaven’s Rehearsal was the most wonderful experience I’ve had in a really long time!  It was so exciting and encouraging to see so many of God’s children together under one roof, praising His holy name!  I hope there will be more of this around the world!


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National Television Broadcast: 2007 Heaven’s Rehearsal

National Television Broadcast: 2008 Heaven’s Rehearsal

Heaven’s Rehearsal 2007 Overview

Heaven’s Rehearsal 2008 Overview

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