Reynold & Kathy Mainse


Reynold has been fascinated and drawn to pour his energy into visual media for years. He has captured exceptional moments in many nations of the world.

Kathy is passionate about seeing God transform people and nations. Her messages of “Intimacy with God”, “Unity within the Body of Christ”, and “Christ-Centered Humanitarian Aid” are clearly seen through all she does.

For many years, Reynold and Kathy were co-hosts of the television program 100 Huntley Street and led Crossroads Missions where the focus was on raising awareness and finances that served and supported indigenous ministries in many nations.

In 2001, God began to grip their hearts with John 17:21-23. Since that time, Reynold and Kathy carry a burning desire to be part of answering Jesus’ heart’s cry for unity within the Body of Christ.

Out of that passion, they founded World Embrace (W.E.). Its focus is to see the nations transformed through followers of Jesus passionately committed to loving God, embracing each other in unity and together meeting the needs of their communities.

At the Air Canada Centre in 2007 and Rogers Centre in 2008, Reynold and Kathy held Heaven’s Rehearsal. These were historic assemblies of the nations and generations gathered to worship Jesus, Ruler of the Nations. Heaven’s Rehearsal is one of the ministry activities of World Embrace

Reynold and Kathy have three amazing grown children, son-in-law and granddaughter.

Jessica Gray

Prayer Coordinator

Jessica loves people.  She thinks we are better together.  Jessica is a Canadian who has been married for a decade and is committed to the call of unity.

Jessica is a passionate communicator who loves to speak, teach and encourage.  She is excited to be a part of the World Embrace team in the area of prayer.  She has witnessed first-hand how praying together can make a huge difference. 

“God is the best.  He is so loving.  It is incredible that He gave us the ability to just talk to Him straight-up.  And even better, when we come together to pray, unbelievable, unimaginable things happen.”

Jessica and her American husband currently live in the Sunny South.  If you catch her with spare time, you will find her either writing, eating guacamole or finger-painting with her three little history-makers: Abby, JD and Hope.

Kimberly Vaters

Mission Teams Administrator

Kimberly is adventurous and lives life to the fullest! She loves to white water raft, snow ski, water ski, wakeboard, play volleyball, skydive and bungee jump, just to name a few. Kimberly lives big!!  

Kimberly loves Jesus and it shows at home or abroad in other nations. Her light shines. She has had a love for Africa for many years. She lived in Kenya for three years working with women and children who lived in abject poverty in the slums.

She now serves on the World Embrace team. She excels in networking people and gathering resources to fulfill lists of needs for missions projects. If you are ever at the airport and see Kimberly, more than likely she will have a smile on her face and 15 hockey bags full of donations with her.

On Kimberly’s last trip to Uganda with World Embrace she sent a message home that read, “Sleeping in mud huts, using a hole in the ground as a bathroom, praying for rain, and then dancing in the rain, holding babies, loving on God’s people. This is what I was made for!”

Kimberly is excited to coordinate and lead diverse teams of people to serve in love and unity to bring transformation to nations.

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