Heaven’s Rehearsal: Leadership

Heaven’s Rehearsal is structured to serve the diversity of the Christian Church locally and among the nations.

A Board of Directors oversees and gives direction to the charity of World Embrace.

A Core Leadership Team directs the planning of Heaven’s Rehearsal with the responsibility to adhere to the vision and core values.  This Core Team serves alongside a Board of Directors.

A Friends of the Vision Council is comprised of pastors and leaders who have passion for the vision as well as relationship with the vision and its carriers.  They serve primarily not as an administrative entity, but rather to guide and to guard the vision through their spiritual influence.  They also serve to promote Heaven’s Rehearsal in their sphere of influence.

An Operations Team implements the planning of Heaven’s Rehearsal in its various facets.

Together these various components form a skilled and diverse team who can create, present, and provide oversight for a multinational gathering.

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