What is Heaven’s Rehearsal?

Heaven’s Rehearsal is a strategic corporate gathering of the nations and generations to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in preparation for the day we all stand as one in heaven before His throne.

It is a gathering for an audience of One.

“After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb…” (Rev. 7:9).

Jesus refers to His church in the most intimate of language as His Bride. The Bible speaks of a coming wedding day when the Bride will be united with her Heavenly Bridegroom (Rev. 19:7). And just as a bride eagerly prepares for her wedding day, so the Bride of Christ must prepare herself for her union with the Bridegroom.

Though it would not be humanly possible to replicate either the wonder or splendor of this ultimate and eternal scene, Heaven’s Rehearsal is like a wedding rehearsal. It is the opportunity to envision and get ready for The Day when all the peoples of the earth will worship before the throne of God, the Ruler of the Nations.

The focus of this gathering is Jesus – not a speaker, organization or any other cause. Just worship. It is a time of preparing our hearts for heaven. It is a time of lifting one voice to our heavenly Father in spirit and truth. It is a time of biblical unity and diversity. It is a time of celebration. It is our time to see the nations worship.

This is not an event, but a moment in time to prepare for eternity.

What is the history of Heaven’s Rehearsal?

The first Heaven’s Rehearsal was held on September 15, 2007, in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre. It was a capacity crowd with over 16,000 people in attendance and 127 nations officially represented.

On November 1, 2008, the second Heaven’s Rehearsal was held at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada. There were approximately 25,000 people in attendance and 143 nations officially represented.

What are the goals of Heaven’s Rehearsal?

-To hold a “rehearsal” for Christ’s Bride in preparation for the day when we will all stand as one before God
-To have broad representation of believers in Jesus Christ in one place worshipping Jesus
-To create an opportunity for unity among believers of Jesus from all nations
-To demonstrate that in Jesus all nations and generations can come together as family

Note: While a shared experience of being together in one place is no guarantee of unity, Heaven’s Rehearsal can be a dynamic opportunity for unity. The actual gathering of worship is really a culmination of many months of preparation in which new relationships are made and like-mindedness is discovered.

What are the Core Values of Heaven’s Rehearsal?

We value:
-Our original visionary mandate, which is to gather all nations and generations in unity to worship Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit, welcoming His Manifest Presence and pursuing the Glory of God.
-The simplicity of our purpose to remain a worship gathering with great production values rather than becoming a production with worship emphasis. We are leading nations in worship, not merely putting on a show that highlights international diversity of worship experiences. Therefore, the active continual participation of those in attendance is of utmost importance. Heaven’s Rehearsal is not a “come and watch” event.
-The public proclamation of God’s Word.
-The incorporation of all forms of biblical-based, multifaceted expressions of worship (ie. song, dance, multi-media, banners, etc.).
-That Jesus Christ is the center of attention in our gatherings. Therefore, no attention will ever be drawn to any human name or organization, and no capitalizing upon the crowds for gain of any person(s) or organizations(s) will ever be acceptable.
-Excellence of passion for Jesus and skilled use of talent. We choose outright to place a higher value on passion for Jesus rather than on professional excellence or mere talent alone. We value those with a priestly anointing for service.
-The integrity of the platform of Heaven’s Rehearsal gatherings to exist solely for the purpose of releasing people into heavenly worship.

Who make up the leadership of Heaven’s Rehearsal?

Heaven’s Rehearsal is structured to serve the diversity of the Christian Church locally and among the nations.

-A Board of Directors oversees and gives direction to the charity of World Embrace/Heaven’s Rehearsal.
-A Core Leadership Team directs the planning of Heaven’s Rehearsal with the responsibility to adhere to the vision and core values. This Core Team serves alongside a Board of Directors.
-A Friends of the Vision Council is comprised of pastors and leaders who have passion for the vision as well as relationship with the vision and its carriers. They serve primarily not as an administrative entity, but rather to guide and to guard the vision through their spiritual influence. They also serve to promote Heaven’s Rehearsal in their sphere of influence.
-An Operations Team implements the planning of Heaven’s Rehearsal in its various facets.

Together these various components form a skilled and diverse team who can create, present, and provide oversight for a multinational gathering.

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