Heaven’s Rehearsal Core Values

We Value our original visionary mandate, which is to gather all nations and generations in unity to worship Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit, welcoming His manifest presence and pursuing the glory of God.

We Value the simplicity of our purpose to remain a worship gathering with great production values rather than becoming a production with worship emphasis.  We are leading nations in worship, not merely putting on a show that highlights international diversity of worship experiences.  Therefore, the active continual participation of those in attendance is of utmost importance.  Heaven’s Rehearsal is not a “come and watch” event.

We Value the public proclamation of God’s Word.

We Value the incorporation of all forms of biblically-based, multifaceted expressions of worship (ie. song, dance, multi-media, banners, etc.).

We Value that Jesus Christ is the center of attention in our gatherings. Therefore, no attention will ever be drawn to any human name or organization, and no capitalizing upon the crowds for gain of any person(s) or organizations(s) will ever be acceptable.

We Value excellence of passion for Jesus and skilled use of talent.  We choose outright to place a higher value on passion for Jesus rather than on professional excellence or mere talent alone.  We value those with a priestly anointing for service.

We Value the integrity of the platform of Heaven’s Rehearsal gatherings to exist solely for the purpose of releasing people into heavenly worship.

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