As One Life Study Overview

The purpose of this life study is to disciple the Body of Christ to live in love, to walk in unity and to serve their communities together.  The life study lays out 12 biblical principles of unity based upon the love of God for each individual, for the Body of Christ and for the world.  There is no teaching concerning denominational distinctions or promotion of specific theological positions unique to one particular group of believers.

As One Life Study Chapters  

  • Unity Is Christ’s Desire For His Church
  • Unity Is Foundational To The Nature Of The Church
  • Unity Is Based On The Cross
  • Unity Is The Fruit Of True Discipleship
  • Unity Begins With Forgiveness And Reconciliation
  • Unity Is For Groups As Well As Individuals
  • Unity Grows Through Biblical Relationships
  • Unity Flows From Humility
  • Unity Thrives On Unconditional Love
  • Unity Embraces And Celebrates Diversity
  • Unity Is Essential In Spiritual Warfare
  • Unity Means Loving Your Neighbour
The As One Life Study strategy is to form small groups, each having 12 leaders representing as many denominations and networks as possible.  Each group will enter into a covenant to meet together to study the principles of unity and to grow together in biblical relationship.  After meeting for six months, they will each begin a similar small group of no more than 12 local leaders from their own area to repeat the process they themselves are experiencing.  As the movement develops these local groups will continue to multiply.  The overall As One Life Study is designed to be reproducible, scalable and sustainable.
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